What’s all this?

I have always had this way of talking about all kinds of strange little things, apparently, that caused my friends to say, almost daily, “I can’t believe you don’t have a blog! You really need to start one.” So, here it is. I started this thing back in March 2011, so it might be time to think about changing the name.

I do funny little projects sometimes, just to amuse myself. One that’s been a thread throughout the life of this blog so far is the project of playing all of my records—I have a pretty large collection of vinyl—in chronological order. Once I got through the 1960s, I jumped to the end and started playing them in reverse order, from the 1990s backward. I don’t know why. I guess I wanted to save the 70s for last. Anyway, I seem to have something variously odd or insightful to say about almost every record…which just goes to show.

But I blog about other things too: grammar, heartbreak, my Buddhist practice, love, life. And to combine all those interests, I write fiction and poems. Some short pieces are posted here.


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