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Dave X Robb at NaNoWriMo party 2011My fiction pages

As I’ve been threatening for a while, it’s high time I put some pieces of my fiction writing up here. I’ve hesitated for a few reasons. One is that it’s so personal. It might seem counterintuitive that I’d feel more vulnerable posting stuff I’ve made up than I do sharing my life with you in my non-fiction blog posts, but there you have it.

Yes, it’s fiction, stranger than truth. The plain fact is, the stories I wrote are inspired by things I’ve lived, including some very intimate moments, so there is that. But, in some less tangible way, it just seems very revealing to show people — friends and strangers alike — where you choose to go when you make up stories and how you go about it.

The first friend I showed a couple of my stories to, my brilliant writing coach, told me, “Don’t worry, I’m used to seeing stories in their underwear all the time.” That really does capture the feeling. Except, it might be more accurate to say “naked” in this case. She also liked them…so here we are.

Another reason I’ve hesitated to post this stuff is I worry that people might see bits of themselves in my stories, and that might make them unhappy. You know me. It sounds melodramatic, but I really have struggled with this. Followers of my blog know it’s been an ongoing worry of mine, taking care not to hurt anyone with my words or trespass on anyone’s privacy. I could make the usual claim that this is fiction and that any resemblance of characters and happenings to real life is purely coincidental, but who in their right mind would believe that?

No, my characters and stories are based on real people and events, more or less loosely. I just don’t see a way of writing convincing or moving fiction and having that not be the case. Maybe someday I’ll be writing about other things — I hear vampires are big right now — but for now, I’m writing what I know. So, two disclaimers:

#1: It is not my intention to hurt anyone here. In fact, my real intention is to honor and celebrate the people and the love I have been so fortunate to experience and which inspired my stories. I truly mean that. Could be I’m worrying for nothing and people will love seeing bits of themselves in my fiction — that would make me happy. More likely, they’ll never read the stuff.

#2: This writing is not for everyone. Minors, for example. People who don’t want to hear about gay people having sex. Yes, some of the writing is explicitly sexual. You’ve been warned. You might get turned on. I hope you do. If you don’t want to go there, don’t.

I’m taking the leap, and I’m nervous. I would love to hear your feedback.

And off we go: My fiction pages

Story #1: What to Say?
Story #2: Love the One You’re With


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First the good news…

Me and Susan splitting a gut

Splitting a gut with Susan in England last summer

Chemo is over! I met with my doctor yesterday, and he has cancelled my last 3 chemotherapy infusion appointments. We’re done. I couldn’t be happier about that. The accumulation of drugs in my system had caught up with me, and the fatigue was pretty powerful. I’d expected the next few weeks to be even more debilitating since, why wouldn’t they be? So instead I get to continue returning to normal. I gave myself my last injection today.

But that’s not why we stopped therapy. The treatment had done what it could—a few very small nodules and enlarged lymph nodes that had shown up on my baseline CT scan had shrunk or disappeared entirely in this month’s scan. Just what those little things were, we can’t be sure of, but it’s nice that they’re gone. But they were not as important as a larger mass that was detected, and which is growing, meaning the chemo I’d been taking was not working on that particular thing. We don’t know what it is exactly, but chances are very good it is something like the tumor I had removed in December (though much smaller, thankfully). I expect another surgery might be in my near future, to take care of it, but that it will be nowhere near the seriousness of the last operation.

The exact course of action is not decided yet, and in any case, it is in the future, so I am doing what I seem to do so well and focusing on the good news (always first the good news), which is taking place in the present. I am feeling stronger and more energetic these last few days, and I expect that trend will continue—maybe not in a straight line, but generally in the right direction. I can make plans with a little more confidence that my body will allow me to follow through. I know the saga continues—as it may for life—but right now I am entering a good part of it. Thanks for being with me on the ride!

Me at Blue LagoonBonus: For those who like freaky coincidences, check out this, my very last (and I do mean last, maybe forever) shirtless selfie, taken at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland last summer. The weird smear across my abdomen, caused by blowing rain on the camera lens, is in the exact spot my tumor was growing at the time. Make what you will of it. :)
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