Happy new whatever

Big Fat DonutI’VE ALWAYS BEEN OF the mind that one can start over anytime. There is no point in waiting for a new year or new month or Lent or any such special occasion. If there happens to be a special occasion and you want to use it as a catalyst to make a life change, great. If it’s Tuesday, March 18, great.

This may sound funny coming from a guy who famously celebrates every New Year’s, anniversary, birthday, holiday, and season under the sun as though special times are, well, special. They are, but they aren’t, much in the same way that you and I are special but not.

In case you’re wondering where all this is coming from, it’s the result of my having a hard time getting my new year going. I started it January 1 along with everyone else, with plans and ideas more than resolutions, but still…things I wanted to do.

I have lots of good excuses, and have in fact been doing some good things now that I think back. I’m back doing yoga, I’ve been swimming and ironing shirts and gardening and otherwise meditating. I’ve dated, I’ve socialized, and I’ve traveled around some. But my writing has not been happening, not to the extent that I’d like, anyhow. The blog was stuck.

So what do I do? I create an artificial deadline, of course. I guess I could have started anew on the blog’s anniversary, but that came and went a few days ago without my noticing. Then I thought, “Aha, first day of spring!” Nothing like an equinox to get things moving. (I hear Mercury is out of retrograde as well, woo-hoo.) But, you know, every moment is a whole new world. Today is the day.

What I also needed, maybe even more, was an arbitrary guideline that would keep me posting on a regular basis. Weekly seemed too much—I don’t want to set myself up to fail, after all—so I decided every 10 days or so I’d post something. Let it hereby be known that I’ll post on here every day ending in an 8—that is, on the 8th, 18th, and 28th of every month. All righty then.

You is...I’m also setting up some little rules for myself around my other writing and Facebook addiction and some other things that would really bore you, so I won’t go into it all here. Suffice it to say, the experiments are done and the results are in: I require these little rules.

So, I’m afraid this particular blog post is not about much of anything more than saying publicly that I’ll be posting again soon. I realize that’s not very entertaining, but it makes me feel better. See you on the 28th!


3 thoughts on “Happy new whatever

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