Billy Idol: Charmed LifeYEARS AGO, AN EX of mine (well, he wasn’t an ex at the time) said I lived a charmed life. I detected some envy and some sadness in the statement, and while he didn’t begrudge me my charmed status—I’m pretty sure he was happy for me—it did point to the unfairness of it all.

It’s true. “Charmed” implies luck. What did I do to deserve the advantages of being born white, male, American (in the bluest of states, no less, though we didn’t call them that back then), and into a family that was not perfect but also not particularly fucked up? We weren’t rich, but we weren’t poor. I wasn’t beaten, I never went hungry, I had shoes, and I always had a roof over my head. Charmed, in other words.

This came to mind because I lived a couple of decidedly non-charmed days in a row this week. The details are unremarkable: It started with one of those really disturbing, random incidents that nobody who rides a bike in the city is immune to; followed by a couple days of feeling generally irritated, like I’d temporarily lost my faith in humanity and that the world was an unsafe, menacing place; and then yesterday, a minor bike accident (and a few other irritating things) to top it off. I think the worst is over.

Dave X Robb pretending to be deadIt’s not hard to see how these events connect. Once you get into a bad space, it becomes self-fulfilling to a large extent. Simple stuff, right? And yet, people live whole lives this way! There’s also randomness to everything that happens to us, karma or no karma, so sometimes we’re all just bound to have a lot of things go wrong around the same time. That’s life.

I worked in a bookstore in the early 1980s, and I remember a bestseller at the time called When Bad Things Happen to Good People. I never read it, probably because I found the title kind of obnoxious, as if we aren’t all good people or as if some people’s problems matter more (actually, I doubt now that the author was saying that). Bad things happen to everybody, so this idea that it’s somehow out of the ordinary, or more tragic and unfair for some people—ourselves, basically—is kind of ridiculous.

It can be easy to forget I had some really wonderful things happen in the same past few days, so focused am I on trying to weave the happenings of my life into a compelling narrative drama—in this case, a narrative of things gone wrong. (I do this sometimes.) None of this is to deny that we can all have really lousy days that cause us pain and unhappiness; but it’s worth it, or at least interesting, to take a step back and see the ingredients that go into them.

I don’t deny my sadness or pain when it comes up, but I do try to keep it all in perspective. My crappy day yesterday, probably the worst yet this year (I’m not keeping track, but I can’t remember another one being worse recently), was probably way better than what some people experience every single day. So there’s that. Difficulties can be a good reminder of the First Noble Truth: how much suffering exists in the world—not a happy thought, but an important one to have.

When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold KushnerWe’ve probably all heard of “white people problems” or “first-world problems” by now, and I love it when these terms are used to expose and make fun of a (sometimes quite appallingly) self-centered, entitled lack of perspective. We choose to name things problems. Have you ever noticed that some people just have problems all the time? They seem sort of in love with their problems, like they wouldn’t know what to do without them.

That said, everyone has real problems, too, and they matter.

The fact that this week’s experience really stands out to me means that I really do live a charmed life. How many people can say they can’t remember their last really crappy day? So, that is good, and I know it.

I try to learn from things like this, and what I’ve learned this week is that I need to calm down. I have gotten away from my regular meditation practice these past few weeks, and I have no doubt that my agitation is directly related. Not surprisingly, I’ve also had a little more trouble sleeping these days.

Sex Pistols: Problems(That reminds me, I’ve come up with a wonderful cure for earworms—I’ll post it separately, soon. I promise.)

I’ve said it before: If you don’t love what’s happening in your life, change it. You can’t always change circumstances, but you can change your reaction to them. In other words, change your mind. And on that note, I’ll flip the switch back to “charmed.”


4 thoughts on “Charmed

  1. Loved reading this – these are lessons I have discovered for myself over the past decade or so – I would consider my life to have been the opposite of charmed… however now I realise what I was doing with that intention – no wonder things perpetually went bad!
    I have learnt that the hand you are dealt does not define you – in fact subconsciously and without knowledge of the terms (or excuses) I have risen above middle child syndrome, summer born educationally behind, being female, child of single parent family, survivor of divorced parents… etc. I am NOT defined by the things that happen to me and although I cannot change these elements I can change how I decide to react to them.
    It took the pits of depression to help me see the light – but now I can and since I have my life turned around;
    For the past 8 years I mourned the loss of marriage (I was engaged twice in a decade) –
    I have clung onto something that passed –
    I realise I have problems with people leaving (this is why I need to be the one in the power position) –
    He moved on –
    I moved on – but I had to start from ground zero – I’d lost my house, job, cat etc.
    It took a few months for the outside me to pick up – get a job, socialise, feel better.
    It took 6 months before I dated (unsuccessfully I may add!)
    It took 9 months before I moved out from home (I’d had no choice but to move back!)
    My life was good for a while.
    Then I changed job and my life went land-sliding back into the dumpster! I knew I was bullied there and I knew I was unhappy – instead of doing something about it I stuck it out – even though my friends left every year and I struggled to build positive relationships …
    Eight Years later I HAVE TAKEN CONTROL, since JANUARY;

    Suddenly my partner of 6 years and I have finally BOUGHT A HOUSE TOGETHER and we live happily together.
    My Flat is on the market.
    I resigned my job.
    I reduced my medication.
    A friend I had not seen for 4 years came back from Australia for 3 weeks hols and stayed with us!
    A college reunion was organised by my friends – just for our circles of friends -I met these people 20 years ago and not seen them for 18!
    I journeyed up to North to see a friend I had not seen for many years – taking my longest drive ever!
    I started blogging
    I submitted 19 pieces of work
    I got published
    I took 3 workshops and 1 class in writing and met many great people & made new friends
    I took 2 online writing courses

    I could go on ….
    Or I could tell you
    I am unemployed
    Full of anxiety
    Rejected from publication 18 times
    But I don’t – because these are facts I can change and cannot change – what choice I have is not to focus on them. And by ignoring these realities for 7 months I have moved my life forward to be that initial list of success.

    Luck – like beauty – is in the eye of the beholder.

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