Where in the world?

World Map of Blog HitsWHERE IN THE WORLD do my blog visitors come from? WordPress launched this cool new function a year ago showing which country each page view originated from, and it has been a lot of fun to follow. The world map has filled in nicely over time, though it is a rare day when I get a new country nowadays. I’ve gotten all the easy ones, and some I never would have expected: Maldives? Mongolia? Sudan? Wow, the Internet continues to amaze me. My most recent addition: Afghanistan.

I have yet to complete a continent, unless you count Australia as its own continent without Oceania, which I don’t. South America is closest to completion — it has been missing just 2 countries for the longest time. Africa, parts of the Middle East, and super-repressive regimes everywhere have been among the biggest challenges. (I’ve gotten only a single hit from China — wonder how that one slipped through!)

Interestingly, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and India are among the countries from which I get the most visitors on my fiction blog. That blog gets far fewer hits, so it is sometimes possible to match the daily search terms with the countries. Not long ago, I got visited by someone from Saudi Arabia who typed “gay love story” into Google, and a gay reader in India told me how one of my stories resonated with his own life. There is something very special about knowing you’re connecting with people in such far-flung and difficult-to-be-gay parts of the world.

Though I am quite possibly the only person who finds it interesting, here is the list of countries from which I’ve gotten visitors in the last 367 days:

Countries from which Dave X Robb's blog has been visited


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