Happy molting

Elvis Costello: Get Happy!HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know I reminded you of this last year, but really think about that phrase. What will it take to make your new year happy? Figure it out, then c’mon, get happy.

I hope you had a nice little holiday period. I did. It seems strange to say it, since I really don’t get excited about material things, but I got some rockin’ good Xmas gifts this year. As with all great gifts, they were great because of the thought that went into them. The festivities were festive, and the tree looked nice.

I’m glad to be through it, though, with life returning to normal…or my normal, at least. Last year was a big one for resolutions — I had some big life goals, and am glad to say I feel like I chose them well and got a lot out of the process of working toward them.

This year, I have fewer and less-concrete new goals; rather, I think I’ll continue to refine those I’ve been working on for the past year (or decade, or lifetime, depending on how you look at it): love, creativity, and time management, prioritizing those activities and nurturing the relationships — with friends, lovers, teachers, and family — that bring me joysatisfaction, and peace of mind. Simple!

Dave X Robb with Kiss Pez setSo far, so good. I’ve got a few specific goals as well. One is to keep writing. I’ll try to write something, anything, daily; publish a blog post weekly; and post some creative writing — a short story or a short-short story or something like that — on the fiction blog monthly. There, I’ve said it. Now I have to do it! (And let’s just overlook my last year’s infamous NaNoWriMo pledge, shall we?)

I’m excited to be going through Julia Cameron’s 12-week Artist’s Way course with my roommate starting this week. I will try to get some visual art done soon as well. And I just might have a novella done by the end of the year…but no promises. I’ve never finished a novella before, so can’t be sure how long that might take. But I’ll make progress.

I have all kinds of hopes and dreams for 2013, and I hope you do too. It’s the Year of the Snake, so think about what you want to shed and leave behind, which will leave room for all kinds of wonderful new things to happen! “Eliminate something superfluous from your life,” says Piero Ferrucci. Happy molting. Something tells me it’s going to be a really outstanding year. Like they all are.


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