2012 lessons

Nina Hagen: FearlessWHERE WAS I? Oh yes, reflecting on how every year is an incredible year. This one has been no exception. I think my biggest shift in 2012 was not in the content so much as in my attitude toward it all.

That said, 2012 did stand out for me in some very nice ways. I set as my top goal to go easy on myself, to stop driving myself so hard. I’d say with the exception of a few hectic weeks toward the end of the year with too much freelance work and too much holiday decorating, I’ve been pretty successful at slowing down and enjoying life, grounding myself in those things that bring me joy and peace of mind.

It has been an interesting process figuring out how to structure my time to make room for what’s important, including the very important doing of nothing. There’s something seemingly contradictory about having to schedule one’s down time on a Google calendar, but I swear, it’s either that or I don’t get any. It’s dawning on me that time management is a lifelong process, kind of like coming out…and I’m getting better at it all the time.

I had a goal to reduce my work hours to create space for other interests of mine — getting more serious about writing, among other things — and that is happening. I have two interns starting in January! I’m glad to have prioritized and negotiated that success and excited to see how it will change my life.

Meditation, Amantani Island, PeruI did a whole lot of traveling in 2012, more than usual — Peru, Mexico, San Diego, Las Vegas, DC, New York, and New England — which has been wonderful. Looking forward, I expect to travel less in 2013, but Turkey and Portugal top the list. I’ll have to see how much vacation time I can scrape together.

My massage business started the year strong, but slumped a bit as life intruded. I will revive it in 2013 with some marketing, once I have that extra day free. I plan to take another course early next year, perhaps at Esalen, perhaps in Thailand. My freelance editing biz, on the other hand, has been going gangbusters.

I’ve found it tough in 2012 to get as much physical activity in my life as I’d like — yoga and the rest — and I hope to correct that in the new year. I have enjoyed swimming on the roof at UCSF’s Mission Bay fitness center, but might do the reverse-resolution of quitting my gym again this January because I’m just not able to find the time to go very often. We’ll see. I’m still riding the bike, at least, when it’s not raining.

As followers of this blog know, I learned some good lessons in 2012, which I will carry forward into 2013 and beyond. These are my favorites:

  1. Abandon self-cherishing. Every problem in the world is rooted in it.
  2. Love right. Selfless, unconditional love doesn’t hurt; that’s attachment.
  3. It’s cool to be single. Not to be confused with loveless, mind you…
  4. Lighten up. Take it easy and be surprised at what happens.
  5. Be fearless. It’ll be fine.

While we’re making lists, here are my very favorite happenings of the year so far:

  1. Peru: one of my best trips ever. Or, if I have to pick a single moment from that trip, arriving at the top of Amantini Island in the middle of Lake Titicaca with Chiquis just as the sun set and the full moon — a supermoon, no less — was rising
  2. Posting short stories on here and hearing people were moved by them
  3. The Singles Awesomeness Day party: brilliance!

Johnnie Taylor: EargasmThose three stand out. There were so many great moments I shared with so many wonderful people — family and friends new and old and John Ford Coley — from unbelievable meals to the California Dharma Celebration, watching the election returns, and discovering the unexpected awesomeness of Eargasm by Johnnie Taylor; it would be impossible to list them all. (In years past, when time seemed so much more abundant, I would have done a top 40 countdown.) 

I feel like I’m forgetting some important highlights. My record-keeping is not what it used to be. Even so, I think I need to face it: 2012 really was an incredible year.


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