Barack Obama and Elizabeth WarrenOKAY, NOW I UNDERSTAND a little better what all these people have been going on about, people who just can’t wait for the election to be over. Seriously, there seem to be an awful lot of people out there ready to slash their wrists if they hear one more ad. People can’t sleep.

I didn’t get it. I’m not sure if it’s because I live in a state where there’s no question who’s going to win, for both president and senator, so we don’t get the ads, or because I never watch TV, or both; but here I am in Massachusetts on election day, and now I kind of get it.

There’s no doubt Obama will carry both Massachusetts and Rhode Island easily, but the Boston stations serve New Hampshire, too, so there’s that. And we’ve got the most expensive senate race in history going on here as well, though it looks like Elizabeth has got it in the bag.

Since arriving here Friday night, I’ve been watching a lot of TV—not really by choice, it’s just always on—and the ads have been pretty relentless. Yes, they really are irritating, irritating for how they, like most TV, discourage thinking. I love living in my Bay Area bubble where I don’t have to deal with the opposition: right-wing fundamentalists, homophobes, mean people, and other various nut jobs.

Apolo Ohno shirtless Cosmopolitan coverIt’s a choice, and I’m lucky to be able to make it. I realize not everyone has the luxury of being able to move somewhere else, and I admire the people who stay—whether by choice or not—in difficult places and fight. I’m glad you do it. And I’m glad I don’t have to. I don’t like fighting.

I’m always kind of surprised by how many people get into fights with their Facebook “friends” whenever an election rolls around and they discover all kinds of terrible things about their old high school buddies or second cousins or whatever these people are. Really? I know it’s just Facebook, so they’re not necessarily real friends, but still, shouldn’t you choose your “friends” more carefully? Okay, maybe you didn’t know.

I have a funny relationship with television: I almost never watch it, but it seems like when I do, it comes on at the perfect time, like the final innings of the World Series or when Apolo Ohno rips off his shirt on Dancing with the Stars. Watching TV this week also helps me understand a little better how it’s possible that this election is so close, something most of us in the Bay Area just cannot fathom. I forget that a whole lot of people get all of their information, if you can even call it that, from television. Sorry, peeps, but that is just lame. And lazy. Sorry, there isn’t a nicer way to say it.

I remember in 7th grade, my history teacher wrote in huge capital letters on the blackboard first day of class, “THINK!” It stayed up there all year. Best lesson I got that year; not ironing records came in second.


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