A little cranky

Dave X Robb at the International AIDS ConferenceDay 3 at the exhibition hall of the XIX International AIDS Conference, and the days are starting to feel longer. Could be because we’ve given out all our good stuff — the pens, the CDs — and now have nothing to lure people to the booth but paper…and that just doesn’t work in this day and age, no matter how pretty the pictures are.

It’s always fun seeing the diversity of people here, noticing the stark differences in personality that come with certain nationalities (I’ll avoid a firestorm, hopefully, by not mentioning the nations and their stereotypes), how you can tell some people have never been on an escalator before — all those little things that make international meetings so interesting.

The initial excitement of running into people I’d not seen in ages has kind of worn off, though there were a few new ones today. As for meeting lots of new people, there is always plenty of opportunity for that, but one does burn out after the first 15,000 or so.

And the cruising has just not been all that good. I’m getting that same feeling I get in a bar: you know, when you feel like you’ve seen everyone at least once, picked out your favorites, and just know you’re going to end up leaving alone. Wait until Thursday, last call!

I thought about going on the big protest march today at noon, and might have had they marched around inside the convention center all afternoon, but I think the idea was for them to go outside, where it’s just too damn hot. Plus, I didn’t want to deal with the noise. (I have this “noise” thing.)

So, sorry if I sound a little cranky today. I’m tired. I’m going to go and grab a quick nap. That should help…if I can make it from here to the hotel in the 91-degree heat, that is. See? Cranky.


One thought on “A little cranky

  1. You have the greatest swag of all, yourself! Now that’s a handsome picture, and a keeper. I’m loving the day-by-day blow of the conference.

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