Greetings from the XIX International AIDS Conference

AIDS 2012Hello. I doubted I’d have easy access to a computer for long enough to blog from the International AIDS Conference, but let’s see what I can cobble together in a few quick sessions on the shared free computers here.

If you’ve ever been to a large conference with an exhibition hall, then you probably have some idea what it’s like. Loads of exhibitors, big and small, trying to lure conference attendees and stand out among the crowd by offering all manner of swag.

The big pharma companies always have the best stuff: smoothies, Italian ice, and fancy booklets of different-sized Post-its. The Melbourne people are giving out little koala bears to remind people the next conference will be there. The non-profits are not so fancy, but make up for it by being really nice to talk to.

The cruising so far this year has been a little slow, but I’m hopeful it’ll pick up in coming days. Knowing my ex is somewhere here at the conference is a little odd — we’ve not seen each other or spoken since he walked out of my life 10 months ago…and though it’d be nice to see him and catch up, I’m pretty sure, it still makes me a little nervous knowing he could be around any corner.

Time to get back to my shift at the booth. I’ll catch up on more news later…


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