Confessions of a statistics nut

Dave X Robb at Super DuperHi folks. So, I know it’s been a while. I got really good at posting every week, and though I sometimes felt pressured by having artificial deadlines, I liked the discipline of writing regularly. Whenever I didn’t, I’d feel off. In my Carrie Bradshaw moments I’d wonder, is this what it means to be a real writer? Writing regularly feels good.

But sometimes life gets in the way. A big goal for me this year was to take it easy, and especially, to go easy on myself. Life can be hard enough at times without beating ourselves up. And though I know it’s true I am not one of those people who can produce anything without the pressure of a deadline (even if it’s a made-up deadline), I’m also smart enough to realize that it doesn’t really matter.

I had another melanoma surgery this week. I’ve not been so good at keeping folks abreast of my health challenge this time around. That’s partly because the dates kept changing, much to my frustration, and I couldn’t muster the energy to let everyone know every time something did or didn’t happen as scheduled; plus, it just all felt a lot less special the second time around.

But I haven’t got the post-surgery blues — if there even is such a thing. I couldn’t be happier to have it behind me. I pulled off the bandages today while “Feels So Good” by Chuck Mangione (1978) was playing. One can never tell with me whether these musical match-ups are coincidences or if I’m just good at noticing such things…or, more likely, if I just play way too many records. It was tough, though not particularly painful, but I made myself finish while the song was still playing (it was the long version). Again with the deadlines!

Rafael NadalSo, I’ve been busy, but that hasn’t stopped me from blogging before. Am I out of ideas? I doubt that will ever happen. No, but there is this: the blog is in a slump. I am a bit of a statistics nut; no, wait, that’s like saying Rafael Nadal is a bit of a tennis nut or a bit hot. I am a statistics nut, so I can’t stop going to the WordPress stats page to see how many people are visiting, what they’re looking at, how they got there, and what countries they’re coming from.

(They just added that last feature in late February. The world map is filling in nicely.)

February was a crazy-busy month for the blog, which I got a charge out of. I guess people like reading about Valentine’s Day, love, and England Dan and John Ford Coley. I had a goal to reach 10,000 hits by the blog’s anniversary in mid-March, and made it with time to spare.

Since then, though, things have been off, and I’m not sure why. Maybe I need a new goal for year 2. In my rare moments of paranoia, I also wonder if the subject matter is just not so compelling now. Consider: I’ve stopped talking about my last relationship, I’m happy and not particularly challenged by single life, everyone’s heard the cancer story before, I’ve found some peace of mind, and I am afraid of being mean to ’70s musicians. Have I lost my edge?

I doubt there is a real crisis here. Hey, that Bob Seger song I’m playing gives me an idea for a blog post.


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a statistics nut

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