Happy birthday

Today the blog turns 1. So much has happened in the last year, and I have a lot to say about it, but I also have to get up wicked early tomorrow, so I’ll keep this short.

A year ago, I was not a writer. Not really. My blog had gotten zero hits. Now I’ve racked up over 10,000 and I’ve got a draft of a novel under my belt…or somewhere. Where did I leave that novel?

A year ago, I was in the wrong relationship. He’s a really wonderful guy, and I loved him, but the relationship was not serving me in some important ways. Now I’m single, and not only that, I’m happily single. Never thought I’d be saying that.

Yoga Room sign at SFO and meA year ago, I was doing lots of yoga at my fancy downtown fitness club, which I loved. Now I’ve quit my gym — just too pricey — and found community in a new men’s yoga group that meets not far from my home. And do yoga at the airport, of course. Overall, I’m doing less yoga and getting less exercise these days, but it’s ok.

A year ago, I was really healthy. I’ve had skin cancer to deal with, and now I’m having to deal with it again. A year ago, I worshiped the sun; now I seek out the shade. I leave my shirt on.

A year ago, my self-esteem had taken a hard hit and my outlook on life was spiraling downward into negativity and cynicism. Now I feel peace of mind, hope, thankfulness, compassion, and loving kindness more than anything else. I meditate. I went from being an atheist to being a Buddhist atheist.

A year ago, I was busy all the time. I’m still kind of busy, but I make time to stop, sit quietly, have tea with my roommate — I have a roommate now! — spoil my wonderful cats, be alone. I clean my house less. I iron less. I play less online Scrabble. I try to get off the computer at a decent hour. I try to get 8 hours of sleep every night.

Altars at the CA Dharma CelebrationMy work life has improved drastically. I weigh a few pounds less. I’m reading a lot. My love life is doing just fine. I’ve perfected the 20-minute nap.

All in all, there’s a lot to celebrate. Maybe we’ll have a party soon. Maybe we’ll invite people who aren’t single! Meanwhile, enjoy the X video and have a piece of cake. See you on the other side.


5 thoughts on “Happy birthday

  1. love you Dave..you are an amazing guy…and only a rare few will ever hear that from me…thanks for being my friend…by the way, Happy Birthday on your blog!

  2. Happy Birthday, Dave’s Blog! I think Baybee needs to make an appearance as a guest blogger if she can fit it into her busy schedule….I heard she’s George Clooney’s right hand “Baybee” on all of his humanitarian Sudanese work. Love you!

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