Love conquers all

Awesome Singles LoveWell, dear readers, Internet is down at home with no solution in sight, so I’ll put together a quick update here at the office. No real theme this time except to bring you up to date on the events of a very busy week. I swear all of this happened since I last posted:

We got a new director at work, after 20 months in limbo, and I couldn’t be happier. Not only am I glad to have the uncertainty settled, and glad for the prospect of having actual co-workers, but I am also really pleased with the choice. I’m feeling so much better about work already. Wonderful news!

My friend Jane took me out for a fabulous V-Day lunch, and the blog broke records. The Grindr is off my phone again — what was I thinking? — and I disconnected from all the dating sites. What a relief. I finished 1Q84.

Speaking of connecting with people the old-fashioned way, the Singles Awesomeness Day party was a smashing success, beyond all expectations. It was really and truly a mind-blowingly positive experience and represented, for me anyway, kind of a seismic shift. After an evening of drinking, laughing, sharing experiences, and eating Wheat Thins with about 15 very together, happy, self-loving singles (from 11 different countries, no less!), I honestly feel different about being single now. I know I’m not alone. I’m in good company, and there are no limits to the kinds of connections I can make with other people. Others had similar reactions.

I had the next day off and spent it in Napa with a dear girlfriend. I was reminded I’d traced a similar route almost exactly a year before on what would turn out to be the last such trip with my last boyfriend. What was interesting and somewhat new, though, was finding I could look back on that trip and that boy with loving fondness, without feeling sad or lonely or that I was somehow missing out by being single. It was a great day.

Sunset, Sonoma, February 2011I was still riding that high yesterday when I got the call — 3 months to the day since I got the all-clear from my last surgery — with a repeat of the infamous Dia de los Muertos diagnosis. Yup, ‘fraid so.

The exact-sameness of the circumstances was kind of eerie: routine visit to the dermatologist, didn’t look like anything too serious, but let’s test it anyway, a call 2 days later to say it was melanoma, surprise, the surgeon will be calling to schedule something…only this time, less explaining was needed since I’ve just gone through it all.

I’m not particularly worried they can’t get it all again (this one is independent of the last one, which is good news…or at least less bad). It was caught early, I think — hey, 3 separate experts each gave me a full body check just a few months ago and none of them caught it, which means it probably wasn’t there — but I am really not looking forward to going through that whole process again. Surgery is not fun.

It’s also more than a little disturbing to wonder how many more of these buggers I’ve got lurking. I’m not so vain — well, ok, maybe I am — but who wants to get a chunk of their flesh cut out and sewn back together every few months? Thank you, sweet boy, for saying my scar was sexy the other night, but really, scars are not sexy.

So, once again, wish me luck. The surgery is not scheduled yet, but chances are good I’ll be out of commission or recovering and not doing any yoga pretty much the whole month of March.

Addendum (March 6, 2012): The surgery is scheduled for March 21. I liked it better when they rushed me through the process really fast…feeling just a little less special this time around.

Addendum (March 13, 2012): Make that March 16. And all kinds of tests beforehand. They can’t be sure this new one is independent of the last one, so are doing every test in the book to find out.


16 thoughts on “Love conquers all

  1. 1. Really happy to be a little closer on the org chart — PV is great to work for
    2. As a pale person with melanoma in the family, you’ve inspired me to get a check up
    3. So, what did you think of 1Q84?
    4. Haven’t been single since 1986, but some of my best friends are single!

  2. 1. Yes, everyone says that, it was always my sense, and I can already tell it’s true.
    2. Do it!
    3. Mixed feelings — generally liked it, but not his best.
    4. Me too! (The last part, not the first.)
    Lots to discuss when we see each other!

  3. Dear Dave, So sorry you have to go through an unpleasant experience again. I gather from people I know who have the same issue , that it is an ongoing thing. It sounds as though life is full and wonderful as well. I love your blogs. Keep being you, I say this as though you could be anyone else, but you are inspiring.

  4. Hey Dave,
    What a week! You are such an amazing person and excellent writer. I love reading your blog. Sending you good thoughts from Oakland for your upcoming surgery. Hope to see you soon.

    Love ya, Sharon

  5. Dave, I should’ve checked this before emailing you just now! Sorry!
    Yes, what everyone above has already said; you are in inspiring person and we are so glad to have you in our lives. I have to let K&A know you will be alright. The “C” word scares them now after our dear friend passed away last Feb.

    • Understandably — let them know I will kick big-C’s ass. Again. And thanks for the love. The feeling is, of course, mutual. xo

  6. Davey – I’m sending you love and healing wishes. I beat bladder cancer 3 times. You can totally do this, you C-ass kicker, you! Also, I wish I could have gone to your Valentine’s Day bash. It sounded quite life (or at last status) affirming. Hugs and kisses, Jane

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