2011: Is that all there is?

Cori New Year's partyCripes, what a year! I’m not one to dwell on the negative, but damn, the past 12 months kicked my ass. I could try to put a positive spin on everything, but wouldn’t it be more fun to showcase all of 2011’s greatest hits — the good, the bad, and the ugly — before we turn the page and start what I hope will be a way less eventful year?

Yeah, I knew you’d say that. The New Year’s party was great.

It was just a couple days into 2011 when, lying in bed with my then-boyfriend and hoping to spice things up, I offered — for his birthday — to do, or let him do, whatever he wanted. His wish? That I sleep on the couch. Well, that was telling. There’s something to be said for knowing what you want, I’ll give him that.

Within weeks, I was mildly injured from taking down Christmas and my cat Mona decided to start crapping on the carpet. The first few visits to the vet failed to solve the mystery of what was going on, but made the SPCA a small fortune. I decided to bring my other, seemingly healthy cat, Emma, in for a long overdue checkup while I was at it. She was quite unexpectedly diagnosed with FIV, a.k.a. kitty AIDS.

A friend had open-heart surgery, another friend’s house burned down, and my relationship ended. I felt like singing “Is That All There Is?

Tired of hearing friends say I really should be writing a blog, I finally started one in March, this blog, to get them off my back. It has been wonderful to be writing regularly, roughly a post a week. The blog is catching on with readers both known and unknown, and people seem to be enjoying and even getting gift ideas from it!

Mona was eventually diagnosed with lymphoma and was near death’s cat door, but the pills they put her on did a lot of good, and now she’s almost like a regular cat again. Emma continues to be as happy and fat and seemingly healthy as ever.

I took a pair of vacations in the summer, one to visit family and friends in the Northeast, and the other north to Seattle and Vancouver. Both provided a nice combination of  company and aloneness, and both coincided with big Gay Pride celebrations. Pride in New York was especially fun since gay marriage was made legal that weekend, so everyone was in a good mood and looking to snag a potential spouse, lucky me. I’ve got some international travel already planned for 2012!

Having gotten my fill of alone time, I welcomed my favorite roommate back to the abode in September. It has been really nice. We face a lot of the same issues in our lives, and we try to support and learn from each other through it all. We sometimes meditate together, sometimes I do it alone, and sometimes I don’t do it at all…but I’m working on making it a regular practice.

My day job got weirder and weirder as people, including my super boss, left and were not replaced…so now it’s basically just me. (Well, me and one other guy who’s almost never there.) It’s hard to explain to people how having nobody care when you arrive or leave or if you even show up for work can be a bad thing, but it does have a negative side (as well as the obvious good side).

I took courses in advanced deep tissue massage and sports massage, and that side career of mine has been growing nicely, with some regular clients. I also got a few good freelance copyediting gigs over the course of the year. As soon as things stabilize in my main job, sometime in 2012, I hope, I’ll try to cut back to devote more time to the massage and the editing.

I had the dual challenges of writing a novel and dealing with cancer in the month of November, but both projects ended well — I’ve got the beginnings of what I hope will someday become a novel you can all read (well, if you’re an adult and not averse to explicit gay erotic content…and if you know how to read), and there seems to be no trace left of the cancer. So there’s that.

(Probably the low point of the whole ordeal was during a full-body mole check, when my surgeon said to his notetaker, “Genitalia unremarkable,” the worst slam to my sexual confidence since being thrown out of bed 10 months earlier.)

I didn’t do a Christmas tree or party this year — it would have been just too much; it’s kind of too much even in a normal year — but I did catch the holiday spirit. The Xmas music was played until I just couldn’t stand it anymore, I ate a lot, and I spent some quality time with friends.

Though 2011 had its challenges, I feel like I emerged from it all stronger and with a much clearer idea of myself and what is important in life, as horrifyingly cliché as that sounds. My mojo, whatever that is, is making a comeback, I’m happy and healthy and loved, and I’ve got all that I need.

Mind you, I am also a single gay man, and I wouldn’t mind at all if you want to put me in touch with that sexy friend of yours. Namaste.


7 thoughts on “2011: Is that all there is?

  1. Thanks for the smiles, Dave. You’re an incredible writer! Oh, and I’m off to India next Monday. let me know if you want me to try to get the contact info for Mr July. :-)
    Love you!

  2. What a lovely, concise summation of a BIG year lived with all its horrors and insights. I’m just so happy to be reading it! Here’s to the first year of the rest of our lives (remember that? sometimes I really do miss the 70s . . .)

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