What happens in a month

Los Dos ChiquisIt was 30 days ago I went to the dermatologist to have that mole checked, cleared everything I could off my calendar in preparation for the NaNoWriMo marathon, donned my wrestling outfit and cape, and bicycled to my final “Free Your Voice” class and festivities afterwards, staying out way too late for a school night.

As the end of the month rolls around, I’ve had a chunk taken out of my arm along with some lymph nodes, crossed the 50,000-word-novel finish line a little early, and put away the costumes. This post isn’t about anything except to say what I’ve been up to all month, the good and the bad, and to acknowledge the people who made it what it was.

November. Through it all, I’ve continued to practice meditation, finding more happiness and peace of mind if not yet full-fledged enlightenment. I went to a fantastic retreat at Spirit Rock taught by Pascal Auclair. Yoga has been on indefinite hold (except for restorative yoga), and I miss it. So has swimming, but I’m getting some physical activity, riding my bike and giving massages.

The Clash: Sandinista!I’ve been playing records, of course, and am just wrapping up the 1980s. That leaves just the 1970s, and I haven’t decided yet whether to play them in reverse chronological order or the other way…or maybe I’ll just skip around randomly. I haven’t decided yet. I stopped playing Scrabble. Something had to give.

I had a happy birthday and a party that ended especially nicely with a certain boy. My best friend got me an iPhone. Friends are still doing nice things for me three weeks later. Thanksgiving was particularly great this year. I loved the new Almodóvar movie. My boss left for another job, so I’m all alone at the office. A dear friend was moved to a facility for Alzheimer’s patients. My landlady and the Orkin man figured out what I was calling “rats in the wall” was raccoons between the two houses, so soon I should be sleeping through the night again. Mr. Pollo has added a sexy and talented musician to their menu. Who says nothing ever happens?

the singer at Mr. PolloSo, thank you to everyone implicated above for making this one memorable month: Amber, Kristy, David, Shinkwan, Pascal, Peter, Javier, Vicente, Rita, Cori and Ray, Faye, Alan, Lorrie and David, Eve, Manny and the guitar player, and the entire medical team. What will December bring?


10 thoughts on “What happens in a month

      • Yeah, the first time, many people are actually surprised by how easy it actually is to write 50,000 words. The real trick is in managing to hit the goal in the next years. I hope you’re up to the challenge!

  1. What an incredible month Dave! You are amazing. I so appreciated your notes of cheer and faith that I would cross the finish line too. I’m guessing that you have taken excellent care of the people you love, so it is no surprise that they show up for you too. Big love!

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