Halfway around the sun

Sunset, Sonoma, 6 months agoToday marks the semi-anniversary of my life as a blogger. Hard to believe we’ve come halfway around the sun in the time I’ve been writing this thing, especially given that the weather in San Francisco has been one long, cold, damp season for all that time.

Thanks to all who have inspired and encouraged me along the way. Thanks for the ideas, even the ones we couldn’t remember the next day. Thanks for all the feedback, written and spoken. And thanks for just reading.

I remember feeling a little strange when I realized people I don’t know had started finding my blog; but really, it’s a nice feeling. And I haven’t had to screen out a single hateful, homophobic comment, which gives me some hope for the future of our shared existence on this planet.

A lot has happened in the past six months. Those who have followed these pages have been witness to some of what I am going through, some of it difficult. The writing helps. It has been a challenge to share in a way that is honest but respectful of the feelings and privacy of others, that doesn’t dwell on the particulars of my situation but that can hopefully speak to my readers’ experiences as well.

I’ve also tried to keep things fun. If I ever get too maudlin, just shoot me…an email. And now, in the spirit of fun, a countdown of the most popular blog posts so far:

Every Picture Tells a Story by Rod Stewart10. Reason to Believe

The song Rod Stewart made famous inspires some introspection about the lengths we go to trying to keep hope alive. Writing this helped me put a major disappointment into healthier perspective.

Amy Winehouse9. The Soul of Amy Winehouse

I wanted to write this the morning I heard of Amy’s death, but I was leaving on a trip that day and didn’t get it done until my return. Still, it seemed to resonate with a lot of people — the day I posted it was my blog’s busiest to date.

It's It8. It’s Its and Other Delights

This post is an early one I spent the better part of a slow work day on. Inspired by my boss’s confusion over it’s and its, I took it a step further with a search for a proper use of its’. And aren’t It’s Its great?

Back Stabbers by The O'Jays7. Hello? May I Speak to Barbara?

A compendium of all the best soul songs about cheating — what I call the Golden Age of Adultery — this is one of my favorite posts. It was actually kicking around in my head for many years before it hit the page.

Me alone in NYC6. You’re Only Lonely

Perhaps the most “Carrie Bradshaw” (or is it Proust?) of my posts — written after a solo trip to New York — here I looked at solitude and found it to be not all bad. It also challenged Orson on the “alone” thing.

"I'll Be There" by the Jackson Five5. I’ll Be There, But If I Don’t…

One of several posts about grammatically incorrect hits from the 70s, this one also rattled around in my head for decades. My friend Michael told me the “shoulders” thing actually came up in a made-for-TV movie about the Jackson 5. Who knew?

Los Angeles by X4. LA’s Fine but It Ain’t Home

Really a love letter to San Francisco. If it had to come at the expense of Los Angeles, well, sorry. Can’t believe I forgot to cite “Do You Know the Way to San Jose,” the first sign all was not well in LA.

Herb Alpert3. This Guy’s in Love with You

All about my first celebrity crush, Herb Alpert, this posting got a boost from being featured in shortened form on the My First Gay Crush website. Also didn’t hurt that it showed Vicente dancing the jenka.

Disco Ball2. Disco Starts Here

I really enjoyed writing this one because it involved real research. I stand by my conclusion: “Zing” started it all back in 1972, fully two years before “Rock the Boat.” And people seem to agree.

Muse1. Muse Wanted

I’m kind of glad this is #1 (by a landslide, no less), even if it is just because people randomly go here looking for something about the group Muse. Simple but heartfelt, this posting was important to me. Glad you liked it too.

That wraps up our countdown. See you next week. Until then, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.


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